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Slap me I'm sappy

I was sitting thinking about my shit day and how much I wanted to abuse something and I got frustrated over the fact that I still don't know where my sofa is. Then I saw Craig, then I fell.. hard. How do I say this.. I love him. I don't think anyone knows how I feel about him and I don't think I will ever get over this feeling every time I see him. It's this rush that just overwhelms me and makes me want to cry because I have someone to call my own. I never sleep when he decides to. He falls asleep without warning and then he'll go watch the TV. Most of the time I'm sitting by the window pretending like I'm busy, but I'm really staring at him. He's this beatuiful human being that makes me feel good to wake up every day. God, it feels good to wake up with him by my side every day.

It's all those little things you know. The way he strokes my hair. The way he looks at me. The way he makes me laugh. The way he touches me. The way he talks, even if I can't understand it. The way he grabs to hold my hand when we're watching movies. I'm going to go stare at him sleep now. Thanks for reading this lol.
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